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In Good Company Podcast

Sep 2, 2017

As a little girl, Marie Cavosora dreamed the American Dream. She later on fulfilled this dream as an advertising maven, living the high life in cities like New York and San Francisco. At the height of her success, however, she pondered on the material nature of her happiness. She slowly began departing from shopping designer clothes and sipping champagne to sleeping in a yoga studio and walking through the path of spirituality.

Marie finds herself back in her home country, the Philippines. She now runs CalaBoo, a carabao dairy farm, that works closely with farmers to challenge narrow mindsets and industry practices to liberate the local market from foreign brands.

In this spirited interview, Marie tells us more about:

Dreaming for your country and being empowered by its people
Moving from comfort and privilege to purpose and meaning
The challenge of changing mindsets to actualize potential
Why being a change-maker is not enough